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1970 Saracen 125

This is not just aanother pretty Sachs engine-based bike. It is a real overengineered work of British art. Just look at the turns and bends in the exhaust. Incredible. The bike is so light and looks so bright. It took us over 2 years to source the parts we needed to complete the project. If it hadn't been 95% complete we never would have been able to do it. We worked off a couple pictures but none of an enduro model as they were mostly prototypes like the MX model and not marketed like the popular trials model. The core bike came from Fred Gonzalez and we want to thank our partners Speed and Sport for the wheelset, complete front end and a lot of rare and some fabricated parts. Larry Good did the restoration on the engine and on the shocks as well. The frame was blasted and powdercoated by Nicky Trevino. The tank was perfectly refinished by Ric Tipton Painting. The seat was reconstructed by Citation Upholstery, and they did a great job.

1970 Saracen 125
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1970 Saracen 125 1970 Saracen 125 1970 Saracen 125 1970 Saracen 125 1970 Saracen 125 1970 Saracen 125 1970 Saracen 125
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