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1970 Webco
Rickman 125

In 1970 the 100 class was huge, second only in size to the 125 class. Hodaka dominated this class representing over 75% of most bikes entered in the class. The Rickman Hodaka was the crown jewel of all Hodaka motored bikes. Webco, an aftermarket high performance manufacture, had designed a high performance head for use on the Hodaka Super Rat and also Ace 100. In late 1970 Webco decided to make a whole top end that would increase the Hodaka displacement to a 125cc bike. This top end of a special cylinder, head and piston was sold extensively through the motocross world as the little Hodaka was able to compete now with the 125s. To showcase this product line Webco built ONE special bike and added every part they could to it. It featured not only the 125 top end but a reed induction system, electronic ignition , a specially built exhaust by Torque Engineering, Webco footpegs, fender mounts, Girling rear suspension, and many other specialty items. It was then set off with an eye catching paint job. In February of 1971 it graced the cover of Modern Cycle magazine.

It is our understanding the bike was never raced but used as a promotional exhibit showcasing Webco products.

40 years later we found this bike minus its beautiful plastic in a barn in CA. We had no idea what it really was until we were sent the magazine. As we tore the bike down we realized what we had. We have faithfully restored this one of a kind bike to its original condition with a couple exceptions. The AT1 rear hub assembly on the bike just looked wrong and the reasons Webco gave for using the hub (better cushioning for the tranny from the increased power) made no sense. We reinstalled the correct Rickman rear assembly and it looked so much better. Every detail was faithfully preserved and restored by master restorer John Kovacik in Phoenix, AZ.

With the HUGE expense to do this work we decided to make a replica as well that is a copy of this bike in almost every way. The replica will be available for sale in the spring of 2010.

1970 Webco Rickman 125
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1970 Webco Rickman 125 1970 Webco Rickman 125 1970 Webco Rickman 125
1970 Webco Rickman 125 1970 Webco Rickman 125 1970 Webco Rickman 125
1970 Webco Rickman 125 1970 Webco Rickman 125
Modern Cycle February 1971

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