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1973 CZ 125
"Yellow Taxi"

This bike belonged to Robert Kulka. It is 100% original down to the Barum tires. look carefully on the handlebars and note that the levers are integrated into the handle bar. This bike suffers from slight vintage rash and some rust but it was so complete all we wanted to do was apply some polishing compound and wax after a detail cleaning. We at PGM really like beautiful bikes but when you see a bike so clean that the fuel lines are rotting off the bike it is so original you need to maintain that unique quality. This is a great testament to a man who loved his bike from its origin. thank you Robert.

1973 CZ 125
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1973 CZ 125 1973 CZ 125 1973 CZ 125 1973 CZ 125 1973 CZ 125 1973 CZ 125
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