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Hodaka 100

We thought we had picked up a parts bike until Cody Tellis did some research and discovered how trick this bike is. All original with the original 18-inch front rim. Originally set up for dirt track racing, it featured the optional EC Birt high performance exhaust which was an option at the time. The bike is being restored to its original condition and the incorrect front hub and plastic will be replaced.

John Kovalcik did a full ground up restoration and created another masterpiece. This bike was an ORIGINAL PROTOTYPE. it featured the original Hodaka front forks. The original wheel set it was imported with was replaced with a 21-inch front wheel from the 18-inch it came with. It is believed that originally it came with an E engine that was swapped out for the most beautifully built Super Rat engine we have ever seen. This bike SCREAMS. The gas tank is fiberglass not metal. The original steering crown was reinforced This bike is truly a piece of history and another Kovalcik work of art.

1972 Rickman Hodaka 100
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1972 Rickman Hodaka 100 1972 Rickman Hodaka 100 1972 Rickman Hodaka 100 1972 Rickman Hodaka 100 1972 Rickman Hodaka 100 1972 Rickman Hodaka 100
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