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1975 Suzuki RM 125

Another restoration by Joe Abbate. He really out did himself with this gem. The 75 was the first year for the RM series. It actually was only made for 6 months as the TM was in production at the beginning of the year and at the year end Suzuki introduced the new RM series. So this is very low production bike. We have looked for this bike for years. Ron Carbaugh bought it from Joe after the restoration was complete and had it shipped to Diamond Dons in the spring of 2008. We helped Ron with his marital issues by not forcing him to bring one more bike home for his wife to see. While he was occupied we loaded this beauty up and headed for the set coast. The bike never wanted to stay in Texas anyway.

1974 KTM 250
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1975 Suzuki RM 125 1975 Suzuki RM 125 1975 Suzuki RM 125 1975 Suzuki RM 125
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