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1978 KSI 412 Honda

This is a true mark 1 KSI. Knobby Shop International (KSI) made less than 125 total production between them Mark 1 and Mark 2 model. The engine is an animal and full of power that is usable. However, the suspension is what sets this bike apart. Look at the revolutionary rear suspension and the Simons front forks. What is so amazing is the frame construction. The welds are the best I have ever seen. You could buy the Honda in the day for under $1,400, and a new Maico for $1,600 but a complete KSI would run you over $4,000. These were crazy expensive.

Marty Moates rode a KSI to his championship in 1978. I have looked for one of these for years, so when I found this I was so happy. I will add more photos as we can with much more detail. The most knowledgeable person I know on the history and specifics of these KSI is Dave Boydston of AMS Racing in Phoenix.

1978 KSI 412 Honda
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1978 KSI 412 Honda 1978 KSI 412 Honda 1978 KSI 412 Honda
1978 KSI 412 Honda 1978 KSI 412 Honda
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