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1976 Yamaha HL500

Mike Adler bought the bike from his sponsor back in '94 (Action Cycles, in Tacoma). The profab kit used tapered steering head bearings, a banana swingarm, different exhaust, and the most obvious is the front engine mount. Many other little things were also changed. Notice the footpeg location between the profab and this bike, Torsten used Yamaha MX 250-360 footpegs and brackets which were farther forward. The mounting point was a splined shaft made to fit the Yamaha footpeg bracket. Mike utilized the same shaft and built his own pegs . The supertrapp muffler was Mikes also, he put the dent on the fender side of the muffler canister. Mike sent a letter off to upsala sweden, was to either Bengt Aberg or Torsten Hallman, he doesnt remember exactly until he finds the letter, but they contacted Sten Lundin, shared the info and were both very sure it was one of there old works bikes. Needless to say they would like to see her back again. But after all the work that Mike did originally and Jesse did in its restoration it needs to stay in this collection for everyone to enjoy.

This 1976 bike was owned by Jessee Buckley, WA and he did a complete restoration on it. As you can tell he made it a perfect show queen. The one year wait to get it back was worth every minute

1976 Yamaha HL500
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1976 Yamaha HL500 1976 Yamaha HL500
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